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Golf Channel

Bonne application


Very good All you want about golf

Just great

That is a great App, certainly the one to consider for avid golfers ! Thanks for this great job, all for free !


Only the best



Poor, inconsistent

I originally praised the app. No longer. Impossible to access videos regularly. Occasionally they work. All the more frustrating that this is à rare occurence. Wake up Golf Channel. Give us service.

Nice appli

it would be nice to be able to pay the broadcasts tournaments per day.


From France its always fun to get analys,News about golf.In France we coudt catch Golf Chanel with the complet program,its a pity.

Keeps me in the know

The notification system provides neither too many not too few announcements. Could use more info on the womens tournaments however


Great site and I love the tips in the videos. Thanks to you guys!

What a pleasure!

Beeing home and improving

Golf channel

Updating sometimes fast sometimes very slow. Late Absolute rubbish Showing people not yet teed off and they are at 14th hole Also totals are correct but day one is missing


I am very disappointed. I can not watch the instructions videos. I would have to download Flash Player, but Apple does not allow it for iPad. How to solve this contradictory offer?

Golfe bem informado

Ter best channel of the golf in the world congratulations


It would be great to watch live matches on this channel via iPad/iPhone. Videos instructions are difficult to watch in apple. Good efforts


Its a good way to follow worlds Golf.

Gostei muito

I liked it. Very Nice, but i agree live transmitions like the pga web site will be incredible.


I am from Brazil and here we dont have Golf Channel. So I would like to subscribe me on your channel to watch the live tournaments. Here in this app , I just can watch news and small videos. In other words, I need more.

everything you need

the app has everything you need, drom articels to videos. Instruction and Fitness. Great !

Golf Channel

Really Good

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